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Welcome to O Credit Cards where we have advice and information about the best O% credit cards available today in the UK. Whether you are looking for a O% credit card for balance transfers or for purchases, getting yourself a new O% interest credit card offers you the opportunity to save yourself what can be a large amount of money.

O% Credit CardsThere are an increasing number of credit card companies in the UK market now and with all that competition, the credit card companies are increasingly using the offer of lengthy O% introductory interest free offers to attract new customers.

There are big savings to be made by transferring the outstanding balance on an existing credit card, on which you will typically be paying high interest rates, to a new O% credit card with a O% offer on a balance transfer.

O% interest credit cards are now available with O% interest introductory offers for as long as 35 months or more on balance transfers and O% interest on purchases for as long as 28 months or more. After the O% credit cards introductory offer is over the interest rate will return to the standard APR rate for the credit card.

Many O% credit cards offer introductory offers on both balance transfers and on purchases, although usually the length of the O% interest offer is longer for either balance transfers or purchases. There are a small number of O% credit cards that do offer equal length O% deals on both balance transfers and purchases.

Some O% credit cards also come with rewards in the form of cash back or rewards points for shopping or travel partners, in addition to their O% credit card deals. The O% credit card deals are constantly changing as the banks and other financial companies that issue credit cards compete for new customers.

We recommend the following two websites which both have the widest choice of current O% credit cards available.

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Choose from over 90 O% credit cards for both purchases and balance transfers

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Balance Transfer Expert

Choose from over 80 O% credit cards for balance transfers

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